Parish Council Minutes 2nd October 2018


Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd October at 7.45pm in Yarpole Parish Hall.

Present: Cllr Audrey Bott, Cllr Barbara Nurse, Cllr Andrew Daniels, Cllr Harold Holder, Cllr Diane Russell, Cllr Michael Denny, Cllr Ian Salmon, Cllr Sebastian Bowen, PCSO Steph Annette (items 13.2), Parish Clerk Ms E Lewis.

1 member of the public was present.

1. Apologies for absence. Apologies were received from Cllr Geoff Trotter and Cllr Linda Middleton.
2. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation: No declarations were made.
3. Public Participation
3.1 Report from Ward Councillor: Herefordshire Council is currently planning the budget for 2019/20. A scrutiny meeting will be held to look at the local enterprise partnership.
3.2 Report from West Mercia Police: The speed checks on the A4110 have now started. There have been some incidents of theft of sheep and the police are starting a “stop that sheep” campaign whereby they will be stopping livestock vehicles to check documentation for the animals to try and catch and deter any thieves.
3.3 Views of local residents on Parish matters: The member of the public present had come to speak to the planning application (item 6.1). He wished to express concerns from some residents relating to the proposed cutting down of three trees in the conservation area and the effect this will have on the rural aspect of this part of the village.
4. Minutes of Parish Council meeting held on 4th September 2018: The minutes were agreed and signed as a correct record.
5. Finance
5.1 Financial statement to date: It was noted that there was an error in the total of income since the last meeting, which should read £10849.98. An invoice for grass cutting was added to the list of cheques to be signed. Following these amendments, the financial statement was agreed.
5.2 Cheques: Cheques were signed as follows – Clerk wages £437.61, Clerk petrol £26.10, Wigmore Book Prize £30 and Kevin Davies (grass cutting) £440.00.
5.3 Financial regulations: Having taken some advice from the SLCC, the Clerk had done some work on trimming the financial regulations to remove sections not relevant to the Parish Council. The revised financial regulations were agreed.
6. Planning
6.1 182828 – Barn House, Brook Lane – single dwelling house: This site is included in the NDP and the Parish Council supports the plans for a house on the plot. However, the Parish Council would ask that efforts are made to preserve the trees on the plot rather than cut them down, as this will have a detrimental effect on the rural aspect of this part of the village. The Parish Council also felt that the design of the building was not in keeping with the surrounding buildings and could be reconsidered. The Parish Council also asked that the planned sewerage connection via the neighbouring property is confirmed before planning permission is granted.
6.2 Update on current planning applications/matters: The Clerk has not yet heard back from Welsh water regarding the connection to the mains sewage for application P182880/XA2.
7. Updates and action
7.1 Lucton & Bircher Matters: The edge of the road in Bircher is being eroded by vehicles and Cllr Bowen will bring this up with BBLP to investigate what can be done. (Action SB) The Clerk will contact the locality steward to ask that the hedgerows on the B4362 be cut back as road signs are being obscured. (Action EL) Following discussions with BBLP, they have agreed to repair the bank adjoining a residents fence in Lucton as reported at the last meeting.

7.2 Parish Hall: A successful fundraising afternoon was held on the 30th September which raised £300 for the hall.
7.3 PROW and Lengthsman: A member of the public has come forward regarding the call for someone to support the Footpath Officer with his work and is in discussion regarding the role.
7.4 Traffic Calming: The contracts for the SID assessment, together with the payment, have been sent to BBLP and the Clerk is trying to confirm when the assessments will take place. The Clerk has not heard back from the Traffic Engineer at BBLP regarding the planned traffic calming scheme in Bircher and is chasing to see when a draft scheme can be ready for the Parish Council to consider. The lines at the junction in Bircher between the B4362, C1039 and C1045 have become very faded, meaning establishing priority is becoming difficult and causing problems for road users. It was agreed to ask BBLP to get these remarked.
7.5 Parking at Church: The Clerk has been trying to contact the traffic engineer at BBLP to discuss but as yet has had no response.
8. Items for next agenda: No items were raised.
9. Date of Next meetings: Tuesday 6th November 2018, 7.45pm
Tuesday 4th December 2018, 7.45pm