Minutes November 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of Yarpole Group Parish Council held on
Wednesday 18th November 2015 at 7:30pm, in Yarpole Parish Hall.

Present: Cllr Audrey Bott (Vice) Cllr David Niblett Cllr Diane Russell,  Cllr Michael Denny Cllr Harold Holder Herefordshire Cllr Bowen, Cllr Tony Paterson (Chair) Cllr Duncan Grant Cllr Iris Lawson, Cllr Barbara Nurse Rose Stimson

122/15 Declarations of Interest: None.

123/15 Public Participation: With regard to an email Rose Stimson sent to Cllr Nurse, She spoke on Welsh Water’s failure to inform parish of Green Lane Yarpole road closure, which caused an ambulance to be delayed getting to her property. Cllr Bowen will feed back to Welsh Water and has been in touch with them regarding an apology to the parish.

124/15 Minutes of the Meeting of 14th Oct 2015 were approved as correct record.

125/15 Herefordshire Council Report:
Council Tax: Cabinet investigating taking to referendum so more £ to spend. It will cost £300k for referendum though, plus rebilling costs.
490 bus service: Consider funding to help keep this service.
GP Thomas site: Will not be signed off until fully compliant with conditions.
Price site: Unless withdrawn the application will be refused.
Smallholdings: Scrutiny suggests retained and revamped, with small amount sold off. Robust look at tenancies. Cabinet voting next week.
Lucton B4362 speed limit: It looks like will go down to 40mph next year.
Good to see The Bell Inn re-opened.

126/165 Parish Hall Report: None.

127/15 Finance and Accounts: @ 13 Nov current £15,823.11, reserve £15,021.26.
Approved for payment:
£30 Paul Beeden (490 support group)
£65 St Leonards (1st Nov NP public meeting)
£14.45 Peter Greer (footpath expenses)
£168.78 Clerk (Oct & Nov expenses, mainly NP)
£300 SL Woodfield (Footpaths)
All approved, proposed Cllr Grant, seconded Cllr Lawson.
Payments received:
£25 cash from Croft Castle for sales of Walks books.
Post meeting note: PCC accounts have now been received, Clerk to circulate by email prior to next meeting so that decision can be made in December.

128/15 Town & country Planning: 153046, South Lodge, Lucton, proposed new orangery & replacement windows. Decision made to state no comment.

129/15 Neighbourhood Plan:
The minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of the PC, at which the Steering Group presented latest position, was signed as correct record. Meeting thanked the Steering Group for their public presentation of 1st Nov and Cllr Bott explained that the SG now working on responses from public, consultant etc. Clerk has placed some info into Dec Parishioner, encouraging parish to stay abreast of changes, as there will not be another public meeting until draft completed.

130/15 Discussion on GP Thomas site in Yarpole:
Noted the exterior of site is a mess (muddy, verges damaged, vans everywhere). Clerk read out latest email from Mr Thomas, (22nd Oct) once again accusing PC of lack of respect. Resolved Clerk write back stating PC has never complained and that it understands he has declined to install YP14 gate.

131/15 Parish Plan: Cllr Nurse and Colin Knight have identified some main areas to concentrate on, see attached sheet. Mr Knight is setting up working groups and will report back to Cllr Nurse.

132/15 Footpaths: Clerk let meeting know that Footpath Officer has written a piece for December Parishioner, and that the entire 2015 budget has now been spent, any other work will be assessed by PC on a case by case basis. Clerk asked to thank Mr Greer once again.

132/15 Phillips’ Acre signage: Clerk has received a request for clearer road signage on Green Lane, indicating Phillips’ Acre. She has asked Locality Officer to check where it could go and how much it would cost. Ongoing.

133/15 Lucton: Cllr Russell asked if there could be a road sign for St Peter’s Sq as well, resolved Clerk check with Locality Officer, as above.

134/15 Correspondence noted.

135/15 Date of next meeting Monday 14th Dec 2015, 7:30pm Yarpole Parish Hall.

Chair ……………………………………………………………………………………..
14th December 2015