Minutes February 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of Yarpole Group Parish Council held on Wednesday 11th February 2015 at 7:30pm in Yarpole Parish Hall.

Present: Cllr Tony Paterson (Chair) Cllr Iris Lawson Cllr David Niblett, Cllr Harold Holder Cllr Diane Russell Cllr Phil Marron, Cllr Audrey Bott (Vice) Cllr Duncan Grant Cllr Michael Denny
Mr S Griffiths

Apologies: Councillor Colin Knight, Herefordshire Councillor Sebastian Bowen

1/15 Declarations of Interest: None.

2/15 Public Participation: None.

3/15 Minutes of the Meeting,15/12/14: Approved as correct record.

4/15 Herefordshire Council Report: None.

5/15 Parish Hall Report: Constitution is agenda item 10.

6/15 Finance & Accounts:
Current acc @ 15 Jan £1,298:27, Reserve acc £18,014:81
Payments approved:
£14:28 P3 expenses to Peter Greer £111:41 Clerk expenses to Jo King
£696 Footpaths invoice to S Woodfield £24:50 hall hire to Parish Hall
£24 HC planning applic notices £490 parish plan printing to Whitley Printing
Resolved to donate £50 to Marches Family Network, further to their letter request.
Noted that Kevin Davies’s quote for 2015 remains same as last year.
Resolved clerk transfer £3,000 from reserve to current account.

7/15 Town & Country Planning: Nothing to report.

8/15 May Elections: Councillor Knight has announced that he will stand down in May. Post meeting note: Councillor Marron is also standing down, as of now. Clerk to advertise for any parishioners interested in standing for election on 7th May.

9/15 Parish Hall Constitution: Clerk and Cllr Bott looked through the draft revised constitution and agreed with all changes, also suggesting that number of PC reps drop from 3 to 2, one for Croft & Yarpole Parish, one for Lucton Parish.

10/15 Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr Bott said there is nothing in the Kingsland draft plan affecting our parish or NP. Steering Group had a talk from Mr Peter Broadbent about the Lyonshall NP. The group are identifying possible locations in parish for development. Core Strategy target is Yarpole 17 units, Lucton 6, Bircher 11.

11/15 Parish Plan: Final accounts: £2086:93 spent overall. £622 grant already received. Cllr Knight is applying for a final grant payment.
12/15 Lucton issues: Are BB resurfacing Lucton Lane up to Croft wood? Raw sewage in Lucton: Cllr Marron spoke to Clive Hall and Env Heath, who have graded it a class 1 issue, but nothing being done. Clerk to speak to Councillor Bowen.

13/15 Date of next meeting: Weds 4th March 2015, 7:30pm Yarpole Parish Hall.