Minutes – Extraordinary Meeting 12th January 2021


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 12th January 2021 via zoom

Present: Cllr Audrey Bott, Cllr Linda Middleton, Cllr Ian Salmon, Cllr Barbara Nurse, Cllr Duncan Grant, Cllr Diane Russell, Cllr Geoff Trotter, Cllr Michael Denny, Cllr Harold Holder, Parish Clerk Ms Emma Lewis.

1. Apologies for absence : Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Daniels.
2. Declarations of interest: No declarations were made.
3. Public Participation
3.1 Views of local residents on Parish matters: No residents were present.
4. Planning
4.1 204409 – The Old Barn, Bircher- works to trees in conservation area: It was agreed that the Parish Council had no comment on the application.
4.2 204317 – Land at Bicton House, Bicton – proposed detached affordable dwelling and garage/workshop: The Parish Council agreed that they object to the application. Policy YG2d of the adopted NDP states that residential development outside of the settlements identified in the NDP should be limited and in accordance with Core Strategy Policy RA3, and the Parish Council believes that this application does not satisfy any of the 6 criteria derailed in policy RA3. The application also does not meet the criteria for affordable housing detailed in policy H2 of the Core Strategy as whilst there is a need for affordable housing in the parish, there is no indication in the application that this house will be retained in perpetuity for local people.
4.3 204531 – Land adjacent to The Bungalow, Bircher – Proposed change of use of agricultural buildings to two smaller dwelling houses and for building operations reasonably necessary for the conversion: This application was for a prior approval determination for a change of use and as such the Parish Council was not asked to support or object to the application but could offer comments if there was something specific that they wished to draw the planners’ attention to. It was agreed that the Parish Council had no specific comments to make, but noted that the plans would make effective use of existing building to provide smaller residences which are much needed in the parish.
5. Recruitment of New Parish Council Clerk: The Clerk has handed in her notice, with her last day of work being 31st March 2021. It was agreed to ask HALC to undertake the recruitment of the new clerk at a cost of £200.00.
6. Items for next agenda: No items were raised.
7. Date of Next meeting: Tuesday 2nd February, 7.30pm