Minutes December 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of Yarpole Group Parish Council held on Monday 14th December 2015 at 7:30pm in Yarpole Parish Hall.

Present: Cllr Tony Paterson (Chair), Cllr Duncan Grant, Cllr Barbara Nurse, Cllr Iris Lawson,
Cllr Audrey Bott (Vice), Rose Stimson, Andrew Thompson
Apologies: Cllr Michael Denny, Cllr Diane Russell, Cllr David Niblett, Cllr Harold Holder,
Herefordshire Cllr Sebastian Bowen

136/15 Declarations of Interest: Agenda item 7 PCC grant, Cllrs Nurse & Lawson.

137/15 Public Participation: Ms Stimson & Mr Thompson spoke on 2015 PCC grant.

138/15 Minutes of Meeting of 18th November 2015: Approved as correct record.

139/15 No Herefordshire Council Report.

140/15 Parish Hall Report: Proposal to install railings at location of car park step.

141/15 Finance & Accounts: 13 Nov, Current £15,823:11, Reserve £15,021:26.
Resolved to grant RNIB £100 re audio discs for parish newsletters.
Resolved to pay £325 for installation of gate at Maund footpath.
Resolved to grant PCC £1,681:60 (£1,014 for half of Yarpole & all of Lucton, £667:60 for 50% of exceptional maintenance costs).

142/15 2016-17 Precept: Clerk presented accounts to date, but as PCC grant only just decided, and as we still don’t know how to budget for footpaths or Lengthsman’s, resolved to delay decision until January 2016 meeting.

143/15 Town & Country Planning: Price site refused permission. GP Thomas site: It is hoped HC will enforce condition regarding stone wall. Proposed that once resolved Clerk write to HC regarding enforcement of conditions.

144/15 Neighbourhood Plan update: Next meeting 5th Jan. Data Orchard are drafting plan, in consultation with SG. Resolved that Clerk be paid token salary of 4 hrs pcm, backdated to April, a gesture toward extra hours on NP.

145/15 Lengthsman’s scheme & BT boxes: BT boxes will remain in commission for forseable future, but Offgem stance to be revued, so we could still lose them. New BB officer dealing with footpath and lengthsman’s logistics (grants and finances) so JK will contact in new year to move things on for 2016.

146/15 Date of Next Meeting Wednesday 20th Jan 2016, 7:30pm, Yarpole Parish Hall.

The meeting closed at 9:10pm. Chair …………………………………………………………………………
20 January 2016