Minutes August 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of Yarpole Group Parish Council held on Wednesday 5th August 2015 at 7:30pm, Yarpole Parish Hall.

Present: Cllr Audrey Bott (Vice) Cllr Iris Lawson Cllr Diane Russell, Cllr Barbara Nurse Cllr David Niblett Cllr Michael Denny, Herefordshire Councillor Sebastian Bowen Mr Shaun Griffiths
Apologies: Cllr Duncan Grant Cllr Tony Paterson (Chair) Cllr Harold Holder

The meeting was chaired by Vice Chairman, Councillor Audrey Bott.

81/15 Declarations of Interest: Cllr Nurse and Cllr Lawson, item 7, PCC Grant.

82/15 Public Participation: Mr Griffiths requested a copy of agenda.

83/15 The Minutes of the Meeting of 29th June were signed as correct record.

84/15 Herefordshire Council Report:
Highways have objected strongly to planning applic 150995, Price site in Yarpole.
Smallholdings Review: 5000 acres of county smallholdings, would it be better to sell them? Options being looked at, consulting stakeholders and then recommendations will be made.
It looks as though Leominster Library will close.
£42m cuts over nest 4 years, consultation now open.
LGA Conference, hoped for stronger cooperation between NHS and Social Care.
LEPs will be main channels for money from Europe etc.
Core Strategy will be valid from end of September.

85/15 Parish Hall Report:
More 100 Club members needed.
A new bookings sec has been appointed.

86/15 Finance & Accounts:
Current Acc @ 29 July, £11,392:42, Reseve Acc @ 15 May, £15,017:48.
Received: £58:00 walk book sales.
Payments approved: £41:46 to Peter Greer for strimmer expenses.
£428:21 HALC subscription to March 2016. £319:20 SLWoodfield re footpaths.
£51:43 Clerk’s July expenses. £100 donation to CAB.
Decision for next meeting: PCC grant request of £834 for Burial Ground cuts and £1685:20 for path refurbishment and tree surgery. It was felt no proper decision could be made until full accounts received. Our budget for PCC grant this year was £750 + 10%. £1,685 would be a large proportion of our 137 annual permitted spend. JK to bring all 137 stats to next meeting, and grant can be assessed against that and PCC account info.
AON Insurance: Cllr Denny pointed out that councillors are not covered for personal accident. Also questioned responsibility for Burial Grounds.
All above proposed Cllr Russell, seconded Cllr Lawson.

87/15 Town & Country Planning:
Minutes of the Planning Meeting of 6 July were approved as correct (re 150995).
Decided no comment on Moon House, Lucton, 152175.

88/15 Cllr Bott updated meeting on Neighbourhood Plan. 3 drop in events have been held in 3 main villages, Cllr Russell thanked for hosting the Lucton drop-in. Comment box still in church, so lots of helpful engagement and comments from the parish. SG is now looking at settlement boundaries, it is thought that enough viable sites have been submitted, though they have not been fully assessed yet. Material for draft doc being collated. Cllr Nurse thanked NPSG for all their public consulting, and Cllr Bott thanked Clerk for her extra work.

89/15 Yarpole Telephone Exchange, resolved keep on agenda for next meeting.

90/15 106 Land: Cllr Bott showed meeting the location of 106 land in Yarpole. She explained the background to 106 and what the 106 Agreement says. Until landowner decides to give or sell to PC then only grazing allowed on the land. Should the land transfer to PC then historically the intention has been for conversion to use as community open space. It is important councillors understand the 106, as with NP outcomes it could be the land may become available to PC.

91/15 Lucton:
Cllr Russell still stalking the dog fouling situation.
A stile between Cartref and Bank House is unsafe, clerk to pass on to Mr Greer.

92/15 Correspondence:

Re letter to Cllr Bowen from Mr Thomas. Resolved clerk minute the following:
Regarding the original failed and later granted application, YGPC on both occasions exercised its right to comment. Within this consultation process we clearly stated our confidence in the technical skills of GP Thomas. Since permission was granted the PC has made no complaint against the GL development, and neither has the PC received any comments from the community. The PC is not responsible for any monitoring or enforcement that HC applies to the site, but thanks our ward councillor for his diligence.

Re Fastershire letter (grant of £2,500). Resolved Clerk advertise opp in future newsletter.

Re Planning Seminar, 2nd Sept, Clerk will try to attend.

Re HC Budget Consultation, resolved Clerk promote in parish. Link being sent to councillors.

93/15 Date of next meeting: Wednesday 9th September, 7:30pm, Yarpole Parish Hall.

The meeting closed at 9:10pm

Chairman ………………………………………………………………………..
9th Sept 2015