Minutes 7th September 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of Yarpole Group Parish Council held on Wednesday 7th September 2016 in Yarpole Parish Hall at 7:30pm.

Present: Cllr Audrey Bott (Chairing meeting) Cllr Duncan Grant
Cllr Harold Holder Cllr Diane Russell Cllr Michael Denny
Herefordshire Councillor Sebastian Bowen 10 members of the public

Apologies: Cllr Tony Paterson (Chair) Cllr Barbara Nurse Cllr David Niblett

77/16 Declarations of Interest: None.

78/16 Public Participation:
A few members of the public spoke on the Brook House Farm planning application: They requested the PC make stronger comment regarding the conservation area. They felt the proposed buildings would affect open views and village setting and that this was a cynical move by the owners to put an applic in during August. They felt the lane was not a viable access option and requested the LA instruct a thorough tree survey and land contamination survey.
4 members of the public spoke on the NDP suggestion of creating a Quiet Lane at the top of Green Lane. They requested the PC look in to the full implications of creating a Quiet Lane before commitment to the idea, as it could lay us open to inappropriate/unnecessary suburbanisation of the route.
After PP the Chair brought the Brook House Lane section of agenda item 8 up to here, so the public could hear parish response: The council agreed to email planners with a stronger objection to the proposed work based on proximity to conservation area.
Regarding the Quiet Lane, clerk explained that the intention was only to create a footway on the other side of the hedge, up to the P Hall, nothing more, but resolved to check with Data Orchard that any application to become a Quiet Lane would not expose the route to any other alteration beyond that.
8 members of the public left the meeting.

79/16 Minutes of the meeting of 27th June 2016 were read and signed as correct record.

80/16 Herefordshire Council Report:
Section 151 finance officer has resigned due to 23 inaccuracies and £9.8m misplaced funds.
Roads: SB trying to secure more money.

81/16 Parish Hall Report:
100 club has 175 members. New shelving being arranged for library.
Thanks to PC for contribution toward new screen and projector.

82/16 Finance and Accounts:
Acc Balances: Current (15 Aug) £14,967.02 Reserve (15 June) £15,025.68
Paid Out: £498:98 AON (Insurance Premium) £35 ICO
To Approve: £2,381.60 Data Orchard re NDP costs £513.01 HALC annual subscription
All above proposed Cllr Russell, seconded Cllr Denny

83/16 Town and Country Planning:
As recorded above in Public Participation, plus:
Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting of 25th August (Brook House Farm, Cockgate, Brick Cottage Bircher Common) were signed as correct record.
Clerk announced that there would be a further Planning Committee meeting to record and decide upon comment on 162540 Croft Castle, 162407 Land adjacent to Pinecroft House, Yarpole, 162344, Lower House Farm, Yarpole.

Notice of decisions made:
162522 Trees at Lucton Court (approved)
160075 Land adjacent to Maund House, Yarpole (approved)
161411 Land at St James’s Close, Yarpole (approved)

84/16 Other planning issues:
Email request from parishioner regarding 160075 granted planning: Mr Cheshire requested that the pc write to the LA requesting that they not permit any further intrusion into green spaces that the NDP policies aim at preserving. This is further to the disappointing decision to grant permission for 160075 land adjacent to Maund House. And Cllr Bowen will look into making sure there is a working time directive applied to the building work on the site.
6th Oct mtg in Shirehall, regarding current planning procedures, Clerk & Cllr Bott will attend.
Discussion on hedge and verge outside Brier Croft: Owners of middle house would like support with new hedge and dealing with verge mtce. Resolved clerk and Cllr Bowen ask owners reason for wanting new hedge and also whether they would consider paying a contractor to maintain the verge.

85/16 Neighbourhood Plan update: Consultation comments are with Data Orchard.

86/16 Parish & Town Council Bus & Community Transport Consultation, and HC Budget consultation: Resolved clerk circulate and advertise both.

87/16 Footpaths update from clerk:
We can now ask the shop board for their generous donation toward footpaths, as Steve Woodfield has conducted the work. Clerk is assessing how much has been spent and thinks from now on Peter Greer will need to apply to the PC on a case by case basis; but please await confirmation on this and I will report back at next meeting.

88/16 Parish Plan update: Cllr Nurse, next meeting.

89/16 Elections: Clerk will advertise for two new councillors on 16th Sept.

90/16 Lucton & Bircher Matters: Lay-by clearing is great at the moment, but pothole repairs still look v temporary. Cllr Bowen to check what is going on regarding the oil tank at the ford, and also will talk to the locality officer regarding buying signage.

91/16 Date of next meeting: Wednesday 12th October 2016, 7:30pm, Yarpole Parish Hall