Minutes 2nd March 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of Yarpole Group Parish Council held on Wednesday 2nd March 2016 at 7:30pm, Yarpole Parish Hall.

Present: Cllr Audrey Bott (Vice) Cllr Michael Denny Cllr Duncan Grant
Cllr Barbara Nurse Cllr Diane Russell Cllr Harold Holder
Cllr David Niblett Herefordshire Cllr Sebastian Bowen

Apologies: Cllr Tony Paterson (Chair) Cllr Iris Lawson

The meeting was chaired by Councillor Audrey Bott.

20/16 Declarations of Interest: None.

21/16 Public Participation: None.

22/16 Minutes of the Meeting of 20th January 2016: Approved as correct record.

23/16 Herefordshire Council Report:
A planning application in Leintwardine for single dev of 50 homes was opposed by HC, but upheld at appeal, on grounds that 5 year land supply is only just met. This shows NDP needs to happen asap, we are incredibly exposed if even meeting the 5 yr land supply is not taken into account.
Welsh Water: SB has invited them to take notice of poor drainage at top of Croft Crescent.
Scrutiny: School exam results have improved, except Robert Owen Free School.
Economic Dev for County: Emphasis on tourism and farming, and making Heref a centre of excellence..for something.
Hereford Uni will be a STEM uni.
Roads: SB walking round with Locality Steward next week. 3 of the 5 BB depots are closing (Hereford and Kingsland will remain).
Hereford Lib & Museum closed at the moment, Leominster is safe for the moment. What does legal obligation for a ‘reasonable library service’ mean?
Buses: Alan Lewis will keep buses going if he hears from us, determines we have a good case and if we say we may be prepared to subsidise.

24/16 Parish Hall Report: None.

25/16 Finance & Accounts:
Accounts @ 15 Feb 2016: Current £12,010:84, Reserve £15,023:14.
Approved for paying out: (proposed Cllr Russell, seconded Cllr Nurse).
£234:00 to S Woodfield for 2015 parish mowing. £51:79 to J King for expenses.
£4,378:80 to Groundworks re-imbursement NDP grant. £150 for NDP biodiversity report.

26/16 Town & Country Planning:

Minutes of the Planning Meeting of 4th Feb 2016: signed and approved as correct record.
Croft Castle Cattle building application 160469: No objection.
Green Lane Cottage Site: Resolved Cllr Bowen introduce himself to new residents and let them know of conditions applied to the new buildings. Resolved Clerk resend letter to Mark Willimont for a response.

27/16 Neighbourhood Plan:
Cllr Bott drew attention to new update insert in newsletter (yellow paper) and talked through minutes of last SG meeting, presenting where we are at with latest issues. Latest draft has been written and will be forwarded to PC for comment before they then adopt draft for consultation. Resolved to underwrite £150 cost of biodiversity report. Clerk paying back leftover grant money and re-applying for April onwards for second round.

28/16 Leominster Town Hall Meetings:
Clerk attended two newly instigated locality meetings hosted by LTH and Felicity Norman. At 2nd Feb meeting LTC presented plans for taking responsibility for county provisions within the town. This includes moving TC to Corn Square and creating a ‘hub’ for TC, CAB, tourist office, general community building. They have increased precept from £300k to £500k to support local services. This all affects us too, specifically with regard to buses, libraries, parking. The second meeting on 1 March was dedicated to discussion on saving buses. For us this concerns 490, which will be cut to 3 a week from 10 April. It looks as though Lud & Leo will subsidise the route to keep it open, of all parishes between will do the same. Clerk to find out how many users in parish and pass to LTC and PC so an informed decision on subsidy can be made. The feeling is that once gone, gone, so good to preserve even in skeletal form until we can properly assess need and reinstate if possible/necessary. These meetings will be held regularly now, covering relevant locality issues.

29/16 Balfour Beatty Annual Parish Briefing:
Clerk attended on 4th Feb. Most parishes very distressed at the cuts to support, partic concerning Lengthsman’s and P3, funding for both being on hold, though will be reinstated, in reduced amount, next year. Clerk to get estimates for footpath spend 2016-17 from Peter Greer, and then PC will consider paying for this year, at next meeting.

30/16 Lucton:
Resolved SB to follow up litter at bin in lay-by.

31/16 Bircher:
30mph limit not being adhered to. Resolved SB speak to CSO Knight.
Thatched house: Resolved SB discuss with conservation officer.

32/16 Resolved Clerk invite Locality Officer Michael Brookes to our APM in May. We need to pin him down re new parish signage etc.

33/16 Resolved Clerk forward to councillors info on: Statement of Community Involvement, Herefordshire Economic Master Plan, WW1 Centenary Plans and upcoming CIL consultation.

The meeting closed at 9:14pm