Minutes 27th June 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of Yarpole Group Parish Council held on Monday 27th June 2016 in Yarpole Parish Hall at 7:30pm.

Present: Cllr Tony Paterson (Chair) Cllr Audrey bott (Vice) Cllr Duncan Grant
Cllr Harold Holder Cllr Diane Russell Cllr Barbara Nurse Herefordshire Councillor Sebastian Bowen 4 members of the public

Apologies: Cllr Michael Denny Cllr David Niblett

60/16 Declarations of Interest: None.

61/16 Councillor Paterson announced the death of Councillor Iris Lawson and lead minute silence of remembrance. Her funeral is at 2:15 on Thursday 30th June, St Leonard’s.

62/16 Public Participation:
Mr Maund spoke with regard to agenda item 9, new shed below Bircher Common. The meeting agreed to bring the agenda item up so that all could speak. Mr Maund explained that the new shed is 1/4 size of the silage pit it replaces, and lower than the old pit. He did not believe he needed planning permission. Clerk explained that the enforcement officer was informed of the situation after complaints from parishioners, and that it had to be followed up. If the enforcement officer agrees that no permissions are needed then that is the end of it, but if it is needed he will be asked to apply retrospectively. Post meeting note: Enforcement officer called clerk and now has Mr Maund’s contact details and officer will report back to the PC.

63/16 Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council of 23rd May 2016 were approved as correct record.

64/16 Herefordshire Council Report:
National Trust and H Council enforcement dealing with incursions on Common land.
A465 and A49 approved to join up, 1st stage of new by-pass!
Sale of all farms now in the hands of land agents.
Agent to value all council properties.
Looking into reducing phosphates in rivers.

65/16 Parish Hall Report:
£750 grant from shop toward purchase of new projector and screen.
New windows on hold until next year.
New cleaner is proving very good.
Safety hand rail – ongoing.
P Hall thinking of holding a promo open day.

66/16 Finance and Accounts:
Balances: At 17th June, Current: £17,592:77 Reserve: £15,025:68
£3,431 from Groundworks UK re NP Grant 2016.
£29:50 Walk Book sales.
Payments to approve:
£169:19 Clerk’s June expenses.
£35:49 Peter Greer re footpaths (strimmer petrol and repair).
Resolved to grant Parish Hall £750 towards the cost of the new projector and screen.
All above proposed Cllr Bott, seconded Cllr Russell.

67/16 Town and Country Planning:
Clerk explained that the new planning application (for a 7th property on the Price site in Yarpole) will be objected to, in line with all other objections on this site. But no public meeting needed as all the applicable issues have already been thrashed out. Clerk to write objection this week and copy to councillors.
Clerk explained to meeting why the Turrell’s application on leys Lane was declined, despite parish support.
The 5 bungalow Humphries site application, at top of Croft Crescent, has been approved. It is for outline permission, so we should expect a more detailed application to follow.

68/16 Neighbourhood Plan:
Reg 14 consultation is out, closes 17th July. Leave comments in church/email Clerk.

69/16 490 Bus Route:
It was resolved to grant £500 toward the bus route for this current year. This buys time to monitor/promote etc, and then make a more informed decision on retention in the long term. It is likely the bus will be re-routed through Yarpole in Autumn.

70/16 Footpaths update: Clerk will collate new info from Peter Greer regarding re-assessment of work for this year, based on new PROW info., and email to councillors. Then on agenda for next meeting.

71/16 Speeding through Yarpole and Bircher: Email received from Peter Lloyd. Cllr Bowen will request some enforcement. The issue in Bircher is that the run is too short.

72/16 AON insurance doc has arrived – clerk will pass to Cllr Denny for scrutiny.

73/16 Parish Plan: Cllr Nurse asked Sebastian why Mr Knight has still not heard back from him regarding his long list of requests. Sebastian took the list again and said that he is still waiting to hear from HC transport about the items on the list. SB to communicate this to Mr Knight.

74/16 Resolved Clerk to advertise two council vacancies next week.

75/16 Resolved add to next agenda need for P Hall rep to replace Cllr Lawson.

76/16 Date of next meeting 1st August 2016, 7:30pm, Yarpole Parish Hall.