Minutes 20th January 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of Yarpole Group Parish Council held on
Wednesday 20th January 2016 at 7:30pm, Yarpole Parish Hall.

Present: Cllr Tony Paterson (Chair) Cllr Audrey Bott (Vice) Cllr Barbara Nurse
Cllr Duncan Grant Cllr Harold Holder Cllr Iris Lawson
Cllr Michael Denny Cllr Diane Russell
Ward Cllr Sebastian Bowen Andrew Thompson

Apologies: Cllr David Niblett

1/16 Declarations of Interest: None.

2/16 Public Participation: (held after 6/16, Finance & Accounts).
Mr Thomson spoke on defibrillators, item 19, stating that St Leonard’s has applied for a free defibrillator, through BHF, and suggested that once in place it may be wise for the Parish Hall to have one up here. Ambulance service will advise if not necessary.
Mr Thompson gave an update on St Leonard’s development and management: Footfall increasing, new firm now doing mtce and troubleshooting on boiler, and RHI application has finally been approved, bringing valuable annual income to the building. A previous funder has written to the management group to offer further consideration to granting more funds. In the light of this offer, and mindful of improvements necessary, the group may approach the PC for a small, specific contribution at some stage, to support match funding. Local support hugely increases further funding eligibility.

3/16 Minutes of the Meeting of 14th December 2015: Approved as correct record.

4/16 Herefordshire Council Report:
C Tax: 3.9% rise (incl. 2% for social services).
Schools Transport: Saving £70k, disruption to 3000 children, some villages will be cut in half.
Refugees & Asylum Seekers: Most likely cities, but Herefordshire could receive some.
Transport: Buses a concern. See below.
Crime: Blip upwards, but still a low crime area. Cyber crime a worry.
Sexual assault & family disorder, ASB: People now more prepared to speak out.
Youth offending: Not huge, but bigger than some parts of country.
Smallholdings: Some sovereign wealth funds may be interested in buying, to keep tenanted.

5/16 Parish Hall Report: Cleaner has resigned.

6/16 Finance and Accounts: 15th Dec: Current £14,914:20, Reserve £15,021:90. Resolved clerk transfer a sum across from current to reserve.
Resolved £7 paid to Parish Hall re N Watch meeting, Dec 2015.
RNIB donation (£100): seven parishioners benefit from the audio newsletter.

7/16 2016-17 Precept: It was resolved to set precept at £19,000. Proposed Cllr Grant,
Seconded Cllr Nurse.
Post meeting note:
At £15,000 the precept element of council tax is approx £45:00 per band D household pa.
At £19,000 the precept element of council tax is approx £57:00 per band D household pa.
So, increase will be approx £12 a year (£1 a month).

8/16 P3 & Lengthsman’s Schemes: Both on hold for this year, no new grants. Clerk will have more information after the Parish Briefing at BBLP on 4th February.

9/16 New External Audit Arrangements: It was resolved not to opt out of new arrangements. We are waiting to hear how much small parishes will have to pay.

10/16 Town & Country Planning:
Resolved Clerk ask HALC what we should do regarding neglect of planning authority to include parish and PC in enforcement of conditions on GL Cottage site.
Post Meeting Note: 160075 is number of new planning application received, land adjacent to Maund House, Yarpole. Clerk to arrange PC planning committee meeting (public).

11/16 Neighbourhood Plan Update: Clerk did a walk round in December with Bill Bloxome, and with that and other views and thoughts of NPSG, changes have been made to suggested settlement boundaries. And a few new sites have been identified. NPSG about to update maps, and the SG is now working on design criteria.

12/16 490 Bus Route Update: Resolved Councillor Bowen pass to clerk contact details of transport person at council, to show our support and interest in contributing to costs of keeping route going. Consultation open until 29th January, go to HC website to state views.

13/16 BT Lines cut off in Yarpole end of 2015: Resolved Clerk email chief exec of BT.

14/16 Lucton Issues: Resolved Cllr Bowen look in to problems with litter bin on layby.

15/16 Card for family of Mr & Mrs Clive Barker: Signed, Cllr Bott posting.

16/16 Two meetings for Clerk to attend and report back: 2nd Feb meeting regarding council budgets and cuts and what parishes can do. 4th Feb BBLP Parish Briefing.

17/16 Changes to service provider, rural litter bins: Now BBLP.

18/16 Defibrillators: Resolved to wait until church has machine. Cllr Paterson will then address.

19/16 Date of Nest Meeting: Wednesday 2nd March 2016, 7:30pm, Yarpole Parish Hall.