Minutes 15th December 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of Yarpole group Parish Council held on Thursday 15th December 2016, 7:30pm in Yarpole Parish Hall.

Present: Cllr Audrey Bott (Vice) Cllr Diane Russell Cllr Duncan Grant
Cllr Tony Paterson (Chair) Cllr Duncan Grant Cllr Michael Denny
Cllr Barbara Nurse Cllr Linda Middleton Mr B Barnett
Mr S Griffiths Mr A Thompson

Apologies: Cllr Jane Bayliss Cllr Harold Holder

123/16 Declarations of Interest: None.

124/16 Public Participation:

Councillor Bowen thanked Brian Barnett and Councillor Nurse for their work in helping secure the council’s rejection of the Price application in Yarpole. Also the Parish Council, for commissioning the speed survey (at some cost) which provided the statistical evidence that access to/from the site is a hazard. Councillor Nurse noted that while it was great the PC footed the bill for the survey, really it is a shame that the planning authority did not foot the bill, it should not have fallen to the PC. The PC thanked Cllr Bowen for all his work on this too.

Councillor Bowen has requested Balfour Beatty provide curbing in Bircher village, and resurface the road.

Mr Thompson explained that St Leonard’s Management may approach the PC next year for funding toward Chancel upgrade. Such funding represents valuable support which can attract other financial support.

125/16 Minutes of Meeting of 23rd November were signed and approved as correct record.

126/16 Clerk circulated 2017 meeting dates (suggested), and a newly updated contact list.

127/16 Finance & Accounts:

£18,782.96 Current (Nov 15) £15,028.48 (Nov 17)
Resolved to pay £840 invoice from Steve Woodfield for completion of drainage around Plainsbrook. This represents the last of your underwriting of footpath costs this financial year. Any further costs will be considered on a case by case basis.

Precept: Clerk circulated hard copies of precept notes for setting 2017-18. After some discussion it was resolved to keep the precept the same at £19,000.

128/16 Town & Country Planning:

163705, Maunds House, adaptation of garage into bedroom etc. Resolved no objection.
163814, Building adjacent to Old Vicarage, Lucton. Resolved no objection.
163081, Victoria Meadows, Yarpole. Clerk explained applic has been altered for a slightly smaller extension and planners feel they cannot object, so we are accepting progress on this, but with no comment.
163991, Conifer felling at Glencoe, Lucton. Resolved no objection.
163597, Yurt at ‘Gold Acre’, Yarpole. Clerk has extension until 22nd and will arrange a public meeting on Wednesday 21st, 7:30 Parish Hall.

129/16 NDP:
Clerk explained that the Steering Group commends to the PC the schedule of alterations made as a response to the Reg 14 representations, and requests the PC makes any comment/alterations and adopts for forwarding to Herefordshire, toward Reg 16. Councillors put forward their comments and suggested changes and Clerk will forward to the consultant and then the entire updated doc, and new HRA and SEA and consultation proofs etc, will go to Herefordshire. The timescale is a bit of an unknown as the team at Herefordshire have so many of these docs coming forward at the moment, but Clerk will make sure the team are pushed. The PC resolved full support for the Reg 16 doc and commend it to Herefordshire, proposed Cllr Grant, seconded Cllr Bott. The PC thanked the Steering Group and Councillor Bott.

130/16 The date of the next meeting is currently 11th Jan, but may well be put back to late Jan.

The meeting closed at 8:15pm