Minutes 12th October 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of Yarpole Group Parish Council
held on Wednesday 12th October 2016, 7:30pm in Yarpole Parish Hall.

Present: Cllr Audrey Bott (Vice) Cllr Tony Paterson (Chair) Cllr Duncan Grant
Cllr Diane Russell Cllr Barbara Nurse Cllr David Niblett
7 members of public Cllr Sebastian Bowen (arrived 7:50pm)

Apologies: Cllr Harold Holder Cllr Michael Denny

92/16 Declarations of Interest: Cllr Niblett re item 9, t&c planning (162256)
Cllr Bott re item 9, t&c planning, (163081)

93/16 Co-option vote for two councillor vacancies: Jane Bayllis and Paul Beeden contacted the council prior to the meeting stating intentions to stand for co-option. Rupert Middleton came forward just before commencement of voting. The Chair stopped the process before voting as we were unsure how to proceed with three candidates. Post meeting note: Mr Middleton has withdrawn but Mrs Middleton has come forward, so we have three people standing for two positions. The PC has been advised that we must continue with co-option. Each councillor will have two votes. On next agenda.

94/16 Public Participation: Paul Beeden spoke regarding the 490 bus route. Consultation is about to close, all encouraged to input ideas and comments (agenda item 13). Sasha Bowers spoke regarding school transport (agenda item12), explaining that the walking distance assessment has been made using maps that do not include footpaths which would show that the shortest walking route is to Wigmore, not Earl Mortimer. Rupert Middleton spoke regarding Quiet Lane proposal in draft NDP, requesting an update (agenda item 10).

Cllr Bowen arrived during above. Mr & Mrs Bowers left the meeting.

95/16 Minutes of the meeting of 7th September were corrected and signed as correct record. Proposed Cllr Russell, seconded Cllr Bott.

96/16 Herefordshire Council Report:
HC has won £12m claim against Amey. We hope this will go into highways budget.
Mark Taylor is our interim finance officer, recruiting nationally at the moment.
Cllr Bowen working with Locality Steward re road repairs.
Enforcement is taking an interest in Gold Acre.
Scrutiny has recommended all libraries stay open and additional uses found for them.
Fisher German are marketing smallholdings, tenants can buy as full commercial operators. HC retaining a few farms for their building and quarrying potential. Sell off may raise £35m.

97/16 Parish Hall Report: None.

98/16 Finance and Accounts: Balances @ 15 Sept: Current £14,252.93, Reserve £15,027.58.
Payments approved: £60 4 x NDP meetings in St Leonards. £30 annual Wigmore prize. £41.44 Clerk’s expenses. Proposed Cllr Nurse, seconded Cllr Bott.

99/16 Town & Country Planning:
Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 19th September were approved as correct record.
New planning application comments decided:

163081 Victoria Meadows. Resolved comment that extension seems very substantial and not subservient.
163088 Land south of Bycroft, Welshman’s Lane. Resolved no comment.
162256 Brook House Farm. Amendment is: 2 two bed houses and 6 three-four bed houses.
162880 The Coach House, Cockgate. Resolved no comment.
162567 Lucton Court, Lucton. Resolved support of application.

Clerk & Cllr Bott reported back on Oct 6th PC planning update meeting in Shirehall. No 5 year land supply.

100/16 NDP Update: Cllr Bott reported that the steering group would be meeting with Bill Bloxsome on 18th October to discuss/assess the consultation comments to Reg 14 draft NDP. To include scrutiny of all responses, including request for further information on Quiet Lane proposal, as brought to pc attention by four parishioners at last pc meeting.

101/16 Brier Croft hedgerow update: Clerk and Cllr Bowen have spoken to the residents and suggested they not alter the hedge in any way and recommending they employ a contractor to mow their steep verge.

102/16 Wigmore School Transport: Resolved Clerk write to the relevant body in support of efforts to have the route re-assessed, so that free bus provision to Wigmore School remains for those living within the parish, for whom Wigmore is the catchment school.

103/16 Bus and Community Transport Consultation: Closes on 16th October, the pc encouraged all to write in with comments.

104/16 Parish Footpaths Update: To confirm, we still have some money to spend for footpaths this year, before Peter Greer needs to come to the PC for money on a case by case basis. Clerk is claiming the £620 grant from the shop, which will pay for the new footbridge by Niblett’s farm.

105/16 Parish Plan: Cllr Nurse requested that Cllr Bowen provide a written response to the P Plan team’s queries and requests for information.

106/16 Lucton and Bircher matters: Resolved Cllr Bowen report to enforcement officer regarding the continued lack of screening on Mr Griffith’s oil tank (Lucton). Resolved Cllr Bowen consult with locality officer regarding a price for St Peter’s Square signage. The Parish Council will pay for a sign if the price seems okay. Resolved Clerk to ask Peter Greer to look at the stile at Spring Meadow. Cllr Russell reported that lorries using Lucton Lane are damaging the curb stones.

107/16 Next meeting: Wednesday 23rd November 2016, 7:30pm Yarpole Parish Hall.

The meeting closed at 9:10pm.