Draft Minutes 1 March 2022

YGPC Draft Minutes 1 March 2022

Minutes of the scheduled meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 1 March 2022 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs Audrey Bott; Andrew Daniels; Michael Denny; Duncan Grant who Chaired the meeting; Harold Holder; Rose Jenkins; Barbara Nurse; Jane Praill and Geoff Trotter.

In attendance: Ward Cllr Sebastian Bowen and Parish Clerk Mrs Maggie Brown.

1. Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Linda Middleton.
2. Declarations of interest were received from Cllr Bott in item 5.5; Cllr Nurse in items 5.4 & 8 and Cllr Jenkins in item 5.4.
3. Public Participation (limited to 20 minutes)
3.1. Ward Councillor Sebastian Bowen reported: Disappointment that no response received from Liz Duberley, Service Manager, Herefordshire Council Natural & Built Environment, on progress at Knoll Cottage. Noted the roof is disappearing. Council Tax will be increased by 2.9% with 1% ringfenced for adult social care. Increases may also be seen from the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Fire Authority.
£1.3m in Herefordshire Council’s budget allocated to a Working Group which will recommend projects to be undertaken. Road conditions remain a concern.
3.2. Views of local residents on Parish matters. No residents were present.
4. RESOLVED minutes of the scheduled meeting held on 1 February 2022 be signed as a true record.
5. Finance:
5.1. The Financial Statement was agreed – see Appendix 1, attached to these Minutes.
5.2. RESOLVED to sign cheques in accordance with the budget as listed on the Agenda
Yarpole Village Hall Inv. 429 for 5 Oct £16.00
Yarpole Village Hall Inv. 442 for 23 and 25 Jan £58.00
Leo Pest Control Inv. 88919 for removal & disposal of dog waste 28 Jan £36.00
Kevin Davies Feb invoice for Lucton Footpath Maintenance £231.25
Herefordshire Association of Local Councils Subscription 1 Apr 22 to 31 Mar 23 £643.30
Clerk’s Payroll Month 11 £548.76
HMRC PAYE Month 11 £137.20
Clerk’s Expenses £146.49. Total expenditure £1817 including VAT reclaimable £113.55.
It was further RESOLVED to pay
Leo Pest Control Inv. 89203 £36 for removal & disposal of dog waste 15 Feb cheque 1152
Hitrees Ltd Inv. 4792 £889.20 for gates and stiles on YP17 and YP11 cheque 1151.

5.3. A report from the Finance Working Group was noted and recommended changes to the following were approved prior to adoption at the Annual May Meeting: a) Asset Register; b) Financial Regulations; c) Reserves Plan.

5.4. Grant application from the Parochial Church Council in support of maintenance undertaken at Yarpole and Lucton burial grounds. RESOLVED to grant £1103.00, being 100% (£500) Lucton, and 75% (£804 x 75%) Yarpole. Cheque 1153 to be signed after the meeting.

5.5. Grant application from St Leonard’s Management in support of Insurance costs. Following recommendations from the Finance Working Group it was RESOLVED that this grant not be offered.
It was agreed that neither supporting payment of insurance which in part would cover religious items, nor contributing to general running costs is advisable.
It was further RESOLVED to grant a one-off COVID recovery payment of £1,500.00. Cheque 1154 to be signed after the meeting.

5.6. Transfer of funds from Business Reserve account to Current Account in readiness for work on the Community Field. Noted: Access to Reserve account may not be available via online banking; interest rates may be about to go up. Agreed: Clerk to research further.

6. Consultation.
6.1. Herefordshire Local Plan 2021-2041 Strategic Spatial Options Consultation.
RESOLVED to respond to the Rural Spatial Options section only, prioritising as follows:
• Option 2: Focus on larger settlements.
• Option 3: Focus growth on rural hubs.
• Option 1: Current Strategy. Dispersed approach across settlements.
• Option 4: Focus growth within settlements outside AONBs and conservation areas.
Comments submitted can be seen at Appendix 2.
6.2. Consultation on diversion of Public Right of Way YP6. RESOLVED to request the bridge, proposed at Point D of Drawing Number TCPA93 dated 18 Jan 2022, be of a high specification, substantial and durable enough to ensure the safety of walkers and enabling safe passage when the field is flooded.
6.3. New Model Code of Conduct and arrangements for dealing with code of conduct complaints against councillors. RESOLVED to not submit a comment.
6.4. Noted: response made by the Clerk to Herefordshire Parish/Town Council Survey – Outdoor/Indoor sports facilities strategies.

7. The Platinum Jubilee. The Parish Council’s involvement in Platinum Jubilee celebrations was discussed. It was agreed to set up a Working Group, Cllrs Bott; Daniels; Nurse & Praill, to consider ideas prior to the April meeting.
Information will be submitted to The Parishioner. Lucton Parish is arranging celebrations in the village.

8. Planning matters. A report received of potential planning infringements relating to P172591/F and P180318/F – Land at Homelea Bircher Leominster Herefordshire was considered. It was agreed it be sent to Planning Enforcement for advice.

9. Working Groups. Setting up Planning and Finance Working Groups were considered. RESOLVED to not have a planning group; finance group to be Cllrs Middleton, Grant and Bott.

10. Community Field. Reported: Potential alterations to layout not ready to view. Extension for deadline re spending £10k grant from Herefordshire Community Foundation requested.
Agreed: Cllr Daniels to ascertain what progress has been made on potential alterations, and advise the Clerk when to arrange a Working Group Meeting or full Parish Council meeting as appropriate. Agreed: Clerk to find out area required for each item of play equipment and lead times when items are ordered. Agreed: This project needs to be pushed forward.

11. Parish Hall. The danger to residents walking to the Hall via Green Lane was considered. Noted: signage had been requested in 2019. Agreed: The clerk to find correspondence and research cost of signs and whether they could be installed by the Parish Council.

12. Croft with Yarpole and Lucton Annual Meetings. RESOLVED to hold separate meetings for Lucton and Croft with Yarpole, starting at 7pm on Tuesday 3 May 2022 prior to the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.

13. Public Rights of Way and Lengthsman.
13.1. Invoice from the Lengthsman for works to footpaths was noted. No further works raised. Pavement in front of the Church will soon need sweeping again.
13.2. Expression of Interest and Annual Maintenance Plan RESOLVED To delegate responsibility to the Clerk and Cllr Grant to complete and submit to Balfour Beatty prior to the deadline 31 March.
13.3. Drainage Grant from Balfour Beatty. Cllr Grant will discuss possible projects with Hitrees. RESOLVED To delegate responsibility to the Clerk to submit grant applications prior to the deadline 1 April. The Clerk will ask for assistance where required.
13.4. Quote of £500 for war memorial maintenance for 2022/23 from Kevin Davies was accepted.

14. Correspondence.
14.1. Effective way of reducing number of emails being forwarded to Councillors.
Agreed: all emails to be forwarded, reply to all only to be used in appropriate circumstances.
14.2. Copper Land Lines & Mobile Phone coverage. Noted: concern that, without mobile coverage, residents will be at risk when copper land lines are removed. Of particular concern to those with personal alarms which rely on analogue phone system, residents to be alerted via article in The Parishioner. Clerk to research work previously undertaken by the Parish Council and find out whether, due to improved technology, the lack of mobile coverage in the Parish can be resolved.
14.3. Tree Preservation Order on Oak Trees at Croft Crescent. RESOLVED Clerk to make application.

15. Contents of the information sheet were noted, two matters were raised:
15.1. An email from the Network Engineer, Welsh Water asking to set up a meeting with the parish council and residents to explain the sewerage network within Yarpole and the challenges faced by Welsh Water. Agreed: Clerk to accept offer, suggesting a booking is made for a meeting at the Church where a better attendance is expected. Monday to Wednesday 2-3pm in mid-April.
15.2. Noted: An offer from Ian Connolly, Traffic Management Advisor Road Safety Team West Mercia Police, to visit Yarpole and consider road safety on B4362 between Bircher and Lucton. Agreed: Clerk to add to April Agenda. Green Lane to be including in discussions. Cllr Bowen asked to be included when a meeting is arranged.

16. Items for next agenda.
Platinum Jubilee
Road safety on Green Lane / B4362

17. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 5 April 2022, 7.30pm.

Meeting closed : 22:02

Signed ……………………………………………. Date: 5 April 2022
Cllr Linda Middleton, Chairman

Appendix 1

Yarpole Group Parish Council Financial Statement to 11-Feb 2022
Meeting on 01-Mar 2022

1. Current Account
Opening Balance (start of financial year) £23,280.37
Expenditure to Date £16,233.48
Income to Date £35,589.47
Current Balance (includes items listed at 1.1) £42,636.36

1.1 Cheques to be signed after meeting/not yet cashed
Not cashed Leo Pest Control 1140 £108.00
To be signed Yarpole Village Hall Inv 429 for 5 Oct 1144 £16.00
Yarpole Village Hall Inv 442 23 and 25 Jan 1144 £58.00
Leo Pest Control Inv 88919 Routine removal & disposal of dog waste. 28 Jan 1145 £36.00
Kevin Davies Lucton Footpath Maintenance 1146 £231.25
Herefordshire Association of Local Councils Subscription 1 Apr 22 to 31 Mar 23 1147 £643.30
Brown, Maggie Payroll Month 11 1148 £548.76
HMRC PAYE Month 11 1149 £137.20
Brown, Maggie Expenses 1150 £146.49

Total £1,925.00

2. Business Reserve
Opening Balance (start of financial year) £15,088.57
Expenditure to Date £0.00
Income to Date £1.26
Current Balance £15,089.83

Total combined balances £57,726.19

Appendix 2
Comments submitted to the Herefordshire Local Plan 2021-2041 Strategic Spatial Options Consultation in relation to Rural Spatial Options.
1. Local Development Plans will need to be revised.
There was a significant amount of effort put into developing the Yarpole Neighbourhood Plan but there is a perception that it has been given little credence. Credibility and confidence would need to be re-established in the process in order to do it again.
2. Is development manageable by strategic plans or will it continue to be driven by what land becomes available and who acquires it?
This strategy addresses local housing need but many of the properties being built are attracting “downsizers” from outside of the area and so are not providing for the local need. This pressure is exacerbated by the demand for second and holiday homes in the area, just like villages in Cornwall, Wales, Lake District etc. We recognise this as a sensitive and possibly political area but would suggest that our focus must be first and foremost on local need. This requires supporting policy at both national and local level e.g., stamp duty and council tax on holiday and second homes; due to increased pressure on medical and social services in a “retirement” county. As recent housing developments are under 11 dwellings, Section 106 agreements have not provided affordable housing in the Parishes.
3. The Community Infrastructure Levy would, if adopted by Herefordshire Council, be levied on new development and fed back into the community. There are many people working hard to keep the fragile structure of Yarpole projects alive and that makes the village an attractive place to live and may elevate house prices. Channelling such a levy back into the local community would do much to guarantee the sustainability and quality of life in these settlements.