Draft Minutes 6 July 2021


Minutes of the scheduled meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 6 July 2021 7.30pm at the Parish Hall.

Present: Cllrs Audrey Bott; Andrew Daniels; Duncan Grant; Harold Holder; Linda Middleton; Barbara Nurse and Ian Salmon (Chairman).

In attendance: The Footpaths Officer; Ward Cllr Sebastian Bowen and Parish Clerk Mrs Maggie Brown.
1. Apologies for absence accepted from Cllr Michael Denny
2. No declarations of interest or written requests for dispensation received.
3. Public Participation
3.1. Ward Councillor Sebastian Bowen reported: Knoll Cottage matters are progressing. Noted: member of public seen entering the building which may be un-safe. Cllr Bowen agreed to raise this with Herefordshire Council. Condition of roads still very poor. Pressure is still being put on BBLP to improve maintenance of this deteriorating asset.
Reported by Councillors: Green Lane closed from 19 – 21 July. Clerk to advise residents via the Website.
Manhole covers knocked off when grass cut in Lucton.
3.2. Views of local residents had been received by email and were discussed under relevant items.

4. Minutes of Parish Council meeting held on 1 June 2021 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Item 16.1 was discussed at this point.

5. Finance:
5.1. 2020/21 year-end report and 2021/22 quarter one report were received from the Responsible Financial Officer. Online banking and itemising payments on the Agenda were discussed.
5.2. The Financial Statement was agreed – see Appendix 1, attached to these Minutes.
5.3. Cheques in accordance with the budget. Agreed the following be signed: St Leonard’s Management room hire – Finance Group 25/5/21 £8.00. BHIB Insurance 10/7/21 to 9/7/22 £475.40. Yarpole Village Hall room hire 8/5/21 and 1/6/21 £16.00. Clerk Payroll Month 3 £532.83. HMRC PAYE Month 3 £133.20. Clerk’s Expenses total £189.62, £37.35 for Mileage, £148.02 Glasdon Fido 25 dog bin, post £4.25. Footpath Expenses total £52, £10 for petrol; £42 strimmer repair. Total £1407.05

6. Planning: To receive and agree comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
6.1. P211800/F – Planning Permission Croft and Yarpole, Bircher, Lower House Yarpole Leominster Herefordshire, Application for variation of condition 2 of planning permission P163320/F (Proposed erection of 9 detached dwellings; garages; formation of a vehicular access; roadway; and landscaping, and demolition of existing domestic outbuildings) – To amend garage design to Plot 2.
RESOLVED Yarpole Group Parish Council supports this application.

6.2. P211946/F – Planning Permission Croft and Yarpole, Bircher, Meadow Lea, Luston, Herefordshire HR6 0AS, Proposed change of use from agricultural tie to 3 year temporary use as holiday let.
RESOLVED Yarpole Group Parish Council supports this application.

6.3. P212489/AM – Non Material Amendment Croft and Yarpole, Bircher, Land at Yarpole, Leominster, Proposed non material amendment to planning permission 161522 appeal reference (APP/W1850/W/16/3165503) (Proposed 6 no. detached dwellings and 4 no. garages)- Improvement to elevations on Plots 1 & 2.
RESOLVED No comment to be submitted.
Noted: Concerns raised by residents are Minuted under item 15.2.

7. Updates on current planning applications/matters were noted.
P210752/U – Certificate of Lawfulness (CLEUD) Lucton, Determination Made. Approved.
P211311/F – Planning Permission Land at the Rear of Yarpole Village Hall. Determination Made. Approved with conditions.

8. Update of Yarpole Group Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), made on 15 June 2018. Noted: Under the National Planning Policy Framework, certain local plan housing policies may not be applicable if a planning authority has a housing land supply of less than five years. Herefordshire Council’ has a housing land supply of 4.3 to 4.4 years. Natural England has advised that it will not approve NDPs in the River Lugg catchment until it is demonstrated that Herefordshire Council’s Nutrient Management Plan is sufficiently improving water quality in the River Wye Special Area of Conservation. Agreed: The Parish Council will want to update the NDP, but it is not advisable to do so now, as it may not be re-adopted by Herefordshire Council.

9. SNT Leominster Local Policing Charter. The Contact Contract, email updates & attendance at two or more Parish Council meetings per year, and Policing Priorities, speeding/road safety, and theft from rural properties and farmsteads, has been agreed by SNT. Noted: Clerk to ask SNT about their approach to environmental crime.

10. Community Field. RESOLVED to submit a planning application for change of use – to include overhead barrier, car park, perimeter track, playground and shelter/pavilion. Noted: potential grant available from Prime Foundation – Clerk to investigate.

11. RESOLVED to adopt YGPC Risk Management Policy 2021 and Retention Schedule.

12. Parish Council laptop. RESOLVED to obtain an estimate for servicing the computer, including virus protection, suitability of Home & Student 2016 versus Microsoft 365, correction of users/logins, repair/replacement damaged power cable.

13. Public Rights of Way and Lengthsman. Reported: Certain private hedges next to pavements need to be cut back as pedestrians are forced to walk in the road. Agreed: Clerk to draft a letter to residents. Councillors to give relevant addresses to the Clerk. Cllr Ian Salmon offered to deliver the letters. Cllr Barbara Nurse to relay message about Yew Trees to the Parochial Church Council.

14. Parish Hall
14.1. Reported: The transfer of land from the Parish Hall to the Parish Council can be completed once a form confirming the new Clerk’s name/signature has been completed and returned with Form TR1 to Lloyds Cooper LLP in Leominster. Noted: The Clerk’s address will be included as well as the Parish Hall address. RESOLVED to complete the form, and forward documents as soon as possible.
Noted: The Parish Hall deeds may be with T A Matthews Solicitors, Leominster. Clerk to follow up.
14.2. The resignation of the Chairman and Secretary of the Parish Hall was noted. Agreed: to publicise as widely as possible, including the Minutes, the website, and the Parishioner. Noted: The Grand re-opening of the Hall on 1 August 2021.
14.3. Noted: The Parish Hall will ask the Parish Council for financial support for further storage facilities, which are needed by both parties. Community items, e.g., chairs and marquee, are stored across the Parish. An inventory was suggested, to ensure sufficient storage and to complete asset registers for the Hall and the Parish Council for insurance purposes. An appeal for information to be sent out.

15. Information, Consultation & Response
15.1. Strategic Housing Provision in the Parishes RESOLVED Clerk to contact Herefordshire Council to find out what information would be useful before responding.

15.2. Development on C1039. Residents reported concerns on removal of trees, drainage, road safety, the Public Right of Way at the site and compliance with Health and Safety. It was Agreed the Chairman visit the site and speak to the developer and the Clerk make further enquiries before responding to residents.

15.2.1. Trees – have been removed. Herefordshire Tree Officer, Oliver Kaye confirms the planning permission allows trees to be removed to create the access for the site. Planning permission supersedes Tree Preservation Order legislation, if TPO order had been served, the trees could still have been removed.
15.2.2. Drainage – the YGPC noted concerns that the capacity of the brook may be insufficient, and the need to contact Welsh Water to ascertain its deadline on increased capacity at the pumping station.
15.2.3. Road Safety – Concerns for pedestrians, and the need to address safety during construction were highlighted. Noted: The Locality Steward (Balfour Beatty) has visited the site and confirms the works are off the highway. He asked the developer to put out signs/cones.
15.2.4. Public Right of Way (PROW) – Ward Cllr Sebastian Bowen and/or Clerk to find out whether the PROW is officially closed whilst the development is built.
15.2.5. Health & Safety – concerns were noted and discussed.

16. Lucton & Bircher Matters
16.1. Cattle grid preventing pedestrians/cyclists leaving Croft Castle via designated exit.
The acting Footpaths Officer met with the National Trust (NT) on 1 June. His report can be read in full in the July 2021 edition of The Parishioner. Concerns about the cattle grid were noted by the NT, no pedestrian gate is planned at this stage, but it may be considered. Pedestrians may cross the cattle grid if they wish, and pay their entrance fee / show their pass at the top of the drive. Noted: The ‘No Entry’ sign at the end of the exit is not clearly visible.

17. Procedure for posting Agenda. Agreed: when Cllr Grant is unavailable, Cllr Barbara Nurse will cover Bircher and Bircher Common, and Cllr Linda Middleton Yarpole and Lucton.

18. To raise items for next agenda.
• Storage at the Parish Hall.
• Yarpole sign when approaching the village from Bircher.
• Condition of Notice Board at Bircher Common.
• Co-option of Parish Councillors.
• Selection of Tree Warden.

19. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 7 September 2021 at 7.30pm.

Reported: The Yarpole Shop and Post Office has won the Midlands region 2021 Countryside Alliance Awards, and may be entered in the final. The Clerk will write a letter of congratulation on behalf of the Parish Council.

Meeting closed 21:34

Signed ……………………………………………. Date: 7 September 2021
Cllr Ian Salmon, Chairman

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Appendix 1

Yarpole Group Parish Council Financial Statement July 2021

1. Current Account
Opening Balance (start of financial year) £23,280.37

Expenditure to Date £3,723.89
Income to Date £12,861.97
Current Balance £32,418.45

1.1 Cheques to be signed after meeting
St Leonard’s Management 1099 £8.00
BHIB 1100 £475.40
Yarpole Village Hall 1101 £16.00
Payroll Month 3 1102 £532.83
PAYE Month 3 1103 £133.20
Clerk’s Expenses 1104 £189.62
Footpath Expenses 1105 ££52.00

2. Business Reserve
Opening Balance (start of financial year) £15,088.57
Expenditure to Date £0.00
Income to Date £0.24
Current Balance £15,088.81

Total combined balances £47,507.26