Annual Meeting May 2015


Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Yarpole Group Parish Council held on
Monday 18th May 2015 at 7:30pm in Yarpole Parish Hall.

Present: Cllr Tony Paterson (Chair) Cllr Audrey Bott (Vice) Cllr Iris Lawson,  Cllr David Niblett Cllr Duncan Grant Cllr Harold Holder,  Cllr Barbara Nurse Cllr Michael Denny Cllr Diane Russell Mr S Griffiths Mr & Mrs C Knight Heref Cllr S Bowen

45/15 Acceptance of Office of Chairman: Councillor Paterson standing for a further year, proposed Councillor Bott, seconded Councillor Lawson.

46/15 Acceptance of Office of Vice Chairman: Councillor Bott standing for a further year, proposed Councillor Lawson, seconded Councillor Holder.

47/15 There were no Declarations of Interest.

48/15 Register of Interests & Code of Conduct: All Councillors adopted Code of Conduct and signed both documents.

49/15 Standing Orders and Financial Regulations: Adopted for a further year.

50/15 Appointments of members to committees, working groups and outside bodies:
Parish Hall: Cllr Lawson & CLlr Russell.
Planning: Cllr Grant (chair), CLlr Bott, Cllr Paterson, Cllr Lawson, Cllr Holder, Cllr Nurse. Finance & Employment: Cllr Grant, Cllr Paterson, Cllr Denny. Int. Auditor: Emma Greenald.
RFO: Clerk. Footpath Officer: Peter Greer. Tree Warden: Tony Wynn.
Neighbourhood Plan SG: Finance is Clerk, PC rep Cllr Bott, various parishioners.

51/15 Councillor Barbara Nurse introduced herself to the Council.

52/15 Annual Accounts adopted, including approval of annual governance statement.

53/15 Finance & Accounts:
Renewed Clerk’s power to raise cheques to value of £500 between meetings. Clerk’s salary
increase backdated to Jan 2015 was acknowledged. Clerk’s contract has been renewed.
15 April 2015 current £2,464.88, reserve £15,016.86.
£35 to Liz Connolley for NP Printing. £45.55 for Clerk’s April and May expenses.
£25 to Emma Greenald for internal audit. Approved, prop Cllr Nurse, 2nded Cllr Holder.

54/15 Revue of Insurance Policy: Postponed to next meeting.

55/15 Review of Subscriptions: HALC & ICO, both agreed.

56/15 Minutes of 13th April 2015 read and approved as correct record. Proposed Cllr Lawson seconded councilor Bott.
57/15 Public Participation: Colin Knight was thanked for all his work as a Parish Councillor, and especially for the resent work in heading up and completing the 2nd parish plan. He will continue to guide the parish community oil scheme and keep the Yarpole board updated with current notices.

Councillor Bowen arrived at 7:50pm.

58/15 Herefordshire Council Report:
Cllr Paterson congratulated Cllr Bowen and welcomed him back to the parish.
For the next 5 years there will be more to do and less money to do it with. £30m funding to be cut over next 5 years. The new localities and communities secretary is Greg Clark.
Children’s Services is improving and we have a good social care academy, but social services do cost a fortune (1 child in care costs £300k per year).
£20m being spent on u & c roads. The Lengthsman’s scheme is opportunity to manage our own minor road works.
Schools – some buildings in poor repair but no money to address. Scrutiny looking at schools transport.
Neighbourhood Plan – must comply with core strategy. CIL being bought in.
New bus service apparently a great success and Cllr Bowen requesting a Saturday version.

59/15 No Parish Hall report.

60/15 Town & Country Planning:
Lucton School field application, resolved for a separate planning committee meeting.

61/15 Neighbourhood Plan: Update from Clerk and Cllr Bott. Public meeting to be held on 21st June in Church, 4pm. All councilors expected to attend.

62/15 Parish Plan & Lengthsman’s Scheme:
Still no councillors coming forward to champion, but Cllr Grant requested more info on Lengthsman’s Scheme and Cllr Nurse requested info on Parish Plan.

63/15 Clerk read out report from Mr Greer, Footpath Officer, and he was thanked for all his work over the last year.

64/15 Naming of Green Lane Cottage site. Proposals were all discussed. Post meeting note the site will be named Briers Croft, which is one of the original names of the site.

65/15 The APM will be on 27th May at 7pm in Parish Hall, Rachel Dixon and Peter Knight attending.

66/15 The next meeting will be on Monday 29th June 2015 at 7:30pm, Yarpole Parish Hall.

The meeting ended at 8:55pm

Chair ………………………………………………………………………………….
June 29th 2015