Council Business

Councillors are summoned to attend the scheduled meeting of the Parish Council
on Tuesday 5 October 2021 7.30pm at the Parish Hall.

The press and public are welcome to attend.


1. To receive apologies for absence.
2. To receive declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation.
3. Public Participation (limited to 20 minutes)
3.1. Report from Ward Councillor Sebastian Bowen.
3.2. Views of local residents on Parish matters.
3.3. Reports from Councillors / Clerk.

4. To consider and agree minutes of the scheduled meeting held on 7 September 2021.

5. Finance:
5.1. To agree the Financial Statement.
5.2. To receive quarter end report from Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer.
5.3. To consider first draft of the 2022/23 budget.
5.4. To note payments made since September meeting: Kevin Davies £347 & £150 Footpath maintenance; Clerk Payroll Month 5 £532.83; PAYE Month 5 £133.20; Clerk Expenses & Reimbursement £538.08*; Marches Conservation Services £50 maps – Community Field; James Rogers £138 computer upgrade.
*Stamps £3.98; Mileage £13.50; Planning Application Fee £259; Dog Friendly stile £261.60.
5.5. To sign cheques in accordance with the budget: PKF Littlejohn External Audit 2020/21 £240; Kevin Davies Footpath maintenance £299; Clerk Payroll Month 6 £532.83; PAYE Month 6 £133.20; Expenses postage £8.31 & mileage £43.20 Total payments £1,257.14.

6. Planning: To receive and agree comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
6.1. P213438/K – Works to Trees in a Conservation Area Steps Cottage Green Lane Yarpole Leominster Herefordshire HR6 0BD, Leylandi (T1 & T2) – fell trees. Silver Birch (T3) – fell tree as leaning over shed. Deadline 7 October.
6.2. P213498/AM – Non Material Amendment Croft and Yarpole, Bircher, Land at Yarpole, Leominster, Herefordshire, Proposed non-material amendment to planning permission 161522 (appeal ref APP/W1850/W/16/165503 – Proposed 6 no. detached dwellings and 4 no. garages) – To allow change of single garage to double garage on Plots 3 & 4., Deadline 11 October. Not accepting comments.
6.3. P212785/F – Planning Permission Croft and Yarpole, Bircher, Community field behind the burial ground on U92608 Yarpole Herefordshire HR6 0BB, Proposed change of use from agricultural to recreational use as a community area.

7. To consider concerns raised about housing development on Eastern side of Yarpole (P161522/F appeal ref APP/W1850/W/16/165503) including access and hedging.

8. To note updates on current planning applications/matters.

8.1. P212926/AM – Non Material Amendment Land at Yarpole, Proposed non-material amendment to planning permission 161522 (Proposed 6 no. detached dwellings and 4 no. garages) – (appeal ref APP/W1850/W/16/3165503) – addition of a pair of semi-detached garages between plots 1 & 2., REFUSED
8.2. P212489/AM – Non Material Amendment Land at Yarpole, Proposed non material amendment to planning permission 161522 appeal reference (APP/W1850/W/16/3165503) (Proposed 6 no. detached dwellings and 4 no. garages)- Improvement to elevations on Plots 1 & 2., Approved with Conditions

9. To consider adopting a Grant Application Form

10. Community Field.
10.1. To consider additional members of the Community Field Working Group.
10.2. To receive update from the Community Field Working Group.
10.3. To agree action as required.
11. Public Rights of Way and Lengthsman. To receive updates and agree works to be completed.
12. Parish Hall (Cllr Daniels). To receive an update and confirm Councillor representatives at Parish Hall meetings.

13. Lucton & Bircher Matters – (Cllrs Trotter and Nurse) To receive updates and agree action on:
13.1. Cattle Grid preventing pedestrian access and exit to Croft Castle from the Bicton end.
13.2. Change of speed limit from 60mph to 30mph in Lucton Village.

14. To consider training schedule received from the Herefordshire Association of Local Councils.
15. To raise items for next agenda.
16. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 2 November 2021, 7.30pm.

Maggie Brown. Clerk to Yarpole Group Parish Council. 07398 222 310 30/9/21