Footpath News

There have been a number of changes to stiles and gates around Yarpole, Bircher and Lucton in the last few weeks. Most significantly, on footpath YP19 which leads from the B4362 at Plains Brook up the hill towards Bircher Common, four quite difficult stiles have been replaced by gates.

Many thanks are due to Mr and Mrs Creswell, Mr and Mrs Russell and Mr and Mrs Cooper, the owners of land, for agreeing that these changes, could be made. The removal of the old and rather rickety stiles in favour of gates has, I feel, made this into a much more congenial route for walkers. In addition, the stile behind Brier Croft has been removed on footpath YP14 and there is now a gate in its place.

Along the B4362, midway between Yarpole and Lucton, a stile on footpaths CR9 and CR10, leading into Lucton, had collapsed sometime ago, but this has now been renewed and it is hoped that, as a result, access to this fairly isolated part of the footpath system will have been improved.

There remain a good number of further alterations which need to be made and it is hoped that some of these will be carried out in the near future.

Peter Greer
Yarpole Parish footpaths Officer