Council Business

Councillors are summoned to attend a meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 11th December 2018 at 7.45pm in Yarpole Parish Hall.


1. To receive apologies for absence.
2. To receive declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation.
3. Public Participation (limited to 20 minutes)
3.1 Report from Ward Councillor
3.2 Report from West Mercia Police
3.3 Views of local residents on Parish matters
4. To consider and agree minutes of Parish Council meeting held on 6th November 2018
5. Finance:
5.1 To agree the financial statement to date
5.2 To sign cheques in accordance with the budget
5.3 To agree budget and precept for 2019/20
6. Planning: To receive and agree comments on any planning applications received (applications to be determined by Herefordshire County Council:
6.1 184380 – Fayreburn, Lucton – proposed tree works
6.2 183876 – The Paddocks, Lucton Lane – proposed ground floor extension
6.3 184173 – Lucton Court Farm, Church Road – erection of building over existing storage area
6.4 184089 – Croft castle – proposed installation of sewage treatment plan
6.5 To note any update on current planning applications/matters
7. To receive updates and agree action on:
7.1 Lucton & Bircher Matters (Cllrs Nurse and Russell)
7.2 Parish Hall (Cllrs Russell and Nurse)
7.3 PROW and Lengthsman (Cllr Grant and Clerk)
7.4 Traffic Calming – update
7.5 Parking at Church – update
7.6 Armistice Celebrations
7.7 Defect Log
8. To raise items for next agenda.
9. Date of Next meetings: to agree meeting schedule for 2019/20

Emma Lewis
Clerk to Yarpole Group Parish Council,