Accounts & Finance

Parish Council Budget

The budget for 2018/19, including the precept,  was agreed at the Parish Council meeting on the 5th December 2017. The precept for 2018/19 was set at £19,000.  The Parish Council also agreed a reserves plan at this meeting, which was then revised at the end of the 2017/18 financial year. The document can be accessed below.

Parish Council Financial Statements

2017/18 Audit of Accounts

The documents below were approved at the Parish Council meeting on the 5th June, and the certificate of exemption has been sent to the external auditor. The dates for the exercise of public rights has been set as the 11th June – 20th July 2018, and the notice for this can be accessed here.

Certificate of Exemption
Governance Statement
Accounting Statements


2016/17 Audit of Accounts